Season 5 - The Last Drive-In - Prints of HORROR!

$8.00 - $100.00
Season 5 - The Last Drive-In - Prints of HORROR!

I paint a piece of art during every movie shown during The Last Drive-In on Shudder. Why?....WHY NOT?! Now's your chance to own a piece of this crazy idea!
You can grab them individually, as an 11"x 14" one sheet with ALL films collaged on it, or select the rad deals from the drop menu!: "CHOOSE ANY FIVE!" singles for $35 or "CHOOSE ANY TEN!!" singles for $60 - *please leave a note at checkout with which prints you choose if you select one of these options. *NOTE: If you'd like to pick some of the single prints from any of the other seasons, I'd totally allow that, because YOU'RE AWESOME!
You can also be SUPER CRAZY & select "THE WHOLE HORRIFIC SET OF 18!!!"** option where you'll save a bundle! :) **NOTE: Can not mix any 18 from different seasons/this option is for the COMPLETE SET OF SEASON 5 only.
All single prints measure 5" x 7" (landscape or portrait) & all prints come hand-signed by Cody Schibi...that's ME! & the most important thing to remember...THE DRIVE-IN WILL NEVER DIE!!